Key Insights & Benefits of Mazer’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Mazer’s pioneering technology has rapidly transformed various industries, reshaping traditional practices and offering unparalleled advantages. Here are the standout insights and benefits based on successful applications across sectors:

  1. Healthcare Industry:
    • Wider Connectivity: Establish a comprehensive virtual communication network connecting companies with global audiences.
    • Versatile Access: Mazer’s spaces can be accessed from VR headsets, PCs, tablets, and mobiles, ensuring maximum reach.
    • Interactive Content Delivery: Users can view a spectrum of XR content, from tutorials to special events, enhancing engagement.
    • Global Interaction: Users worldwide can communicate and collaborate in designated virtual spaces, breaking geographical barriers.
  2. Financial Services:
    • Virtual Branch Experience: Innovatively simulate a real-time branch experience with holographic or avatar-based employee representations.
    • Global Service Offering: Employees can virtually communicate with clients from anywhere, ensuring seamless service delivery.
    • Secure & Immersive Customer Interactions: Clients can view their portfolios and authenticate their accounts in an immersive VR environment, providing both security and engagement.
    • Instant Face-to-Face Consultations: With just a headset, clients can instantly converse with financial experts, ensuring timely and personal advice.
  3. Education Sector:
    • Enhanced Learning: Mazer eliminates external distractions, offering an immersive learning environment and improving knowledge retention.
    • Scalable Virtual Classrooms: Whether it’s a personal tutoring session or a lecture for thousands, Mazer’s flexible environment can cater to all, facilitating distance learning.
    • Collaborative Learning: Students from diverse locations can cooperate and interact in a shared virtual space, promoting global knowledge exchange.
  4. Manufacturing Industry:
    • In-depth Product Insights: VR showcases of the manufacturing process provide customers a detailed understanding of products, enhancing trust and credibility.
    • Integrated VR Showroom: Seamlessly integrate a multi-space VR showroom with your existing website, offering demonstrations, product catalog views, and high-tech meeting spaces.
    • Remote Sales Presentations: Use VR to present at trade shows or take customers on facility tours from anywhere in the world, saving on travel costs and time.
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Discover how companies are using Mazer to improve their performance

Our cutting-edge technology is already being successfully applied by innovators across a range of industries. Learn more about its creative application in four distinct sectors.

Mazer is a 360 solution

With Mazer 360, identification of business use, customization, implementation assistance, hardware set-up, maintenance, customer support, and flexible scaling options are all taken care of so that your business can continue to run smoothly throughout.



We help you formulate a plan for how Mazer can best be applied to your business.




We customize Mazer to create the virtual spaces and functionalities which address your specific needs.



Deploy & Maintain

We provide the necessary hardware and ensure its smooth operation.




Mazer can easily be scaled on demand, depending on your needs.


Extended reality solutions for business

Our extended reality platform provides unrivalled immersion and social experiences
thanks to its cutting-edge functionalities. For example:

  • Mazer’s full-body avatars maintain natural eye contact, express emotions clearly,
    and use lip-sync based on actual real-time voice recognition. The avatars wear
    custom-made outfits designed according to the dress code of your company.
  • One of the most advanced features Mazer has to offer is the ability to create
    complex virtual objects
    . These objects can be interacted with by multiple
    users at the same time in one space allowing for the use of extended reality
    to accurately simulate real-life scenarios.
  • Mazer offers the ultimate flexibility in the creation of virtual and extended
    reality environments
    . Our clients can select from numerous pre-existing models
    or have their own unique spaces created to fit their particular needs and brand book.

Mazer – Multi-user XR solution

Mazer has been designed with corporate and business needs in mind. We know
which aspects are critical when providing an enterprise-quality, multi-user XR solution:

  • End-to-end encryption of communication keeps confidential information safe.
  • Unlimited scaling possibilities ensure that your business can have unrestrained growth.
  • Our patent-pending solution allows seamless integration with your existing web
    services. One of the many applications of Mazer is to allow your customers and
    employees to authenticate their sessions by using their pre-existing accounts
    on your website. Additionally, you can integrate existing websites with your XR
    space to show off products and deliver dedicated experiences to your customers in XR.
  • Thanks to over-the-air updates, all new functionalities, spaces, gadgets, and experiences
    are delivered to headsets remotely and seamlessly.
  • Our honeycomb and bee-garden inspired architecture can be used to create complete
    virtual worlds where your employees, partners, and customers can meet, cooperate,
    and even play together.
  • Mazer enables easy creation of XR Digital Twins for Industry 4.0.
  • Mazer is hardware agnostic; it works on and integrates with all commercially available
    headsets, mobile phones, and computers.

Mazer is a real Metaverse for business – a technology of the future accessible now.

Stay ahead of the curve and use extended reality to improve your business while also saving time and money. Take care of your employees in the remote-work era by increasing their involvement and strengthening interpersonal bonds.