• What is Mazer XR?

    Mazer is a platform used to create extended reality spaces where people can meet to interact and collaborate. These spaces can be shared by an unlimited number of individuals and will include environmental and XR gadgets specifically created for your needs.

  • What does XR stand for?

    Extended Reality (XR) refers to combined real-and-virtual environments within which humans can interact using head-mounted devices like virtual reality (VR) headsets, augmented reality (AR) headsets, and mixed reality (MR) headsets. Popular headsets include Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens. In other words, XR combines VR, AR, and MR. The Mazer platform takes full advantage of XR. Read here for a full explanation of these terms.

  • Is a Wi-Fi connection required?

    A device with a broadband connection supporting Wi-Fi with upload and download speeds of at least 128Kbps is required. This means that you can easily run Mazer from a 3G hotspot on your old phone.

  • How do I install Mazer on an XR device?

    You can download the Mazer application client from our website or from application stores.

  • How do I setup and schedule a meeting with somebody once in Mazer?

    User-friendly and detailed instructions are provided both in the user manual and inside Mazer via an intuitive tutorial. You can always contact our customer service and one of our employees will be glad to show you how to do it.

  • Can I select where my Mazer space is located?

    Yes! There are multiple worlds inside Mazer. Your space can be designed in accordance with your needs and the only limit is your imagination.

  • What devices are required to experience Mazer?

    Mazer currently supports virtual reality headsets based on an Android platform (eg. HTC Focus, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo) as well as PC based.
    However, Mazer can be integrated with any hardware available on the market upon request.

  • Can I use a web browser while in a Mazer space?

    Yes. You can stay connected with the real world and search for any information you need. Every participant can have a dedicated virtual web browser inside the XR world. Additionally, browsed content can be presented to the whole audience present in Mazer.

  • Is it possible to join a Mazer meeting without owning a virtual reality (VR) headset?

    Yes. You can launch the Mazer desktop client on your PC, tablet or mobile phone and join other VR users during a meeting. This option is limited as you are not as immersed in the Mazer space as you would be while using a headset, but it certainly helps if you have limited access to your VR device or you need to invite participants who do not own a headset.

  • How does Mazer assist the healthcare sector?

    Virtual environments make it possible to simulate specific emergency training scenarios which would otherwise be unavailable or very costly to reproduce. Mazer spaces enable new ways to effectively train staff members, keep them active during presentations, and save costs. These are just a few ways in which Mazer is helping the healthcare industry.
    Please take a look at our Mazer for Healthcare section for more information.

  • How does Mazer support education?

    Mazer provides students with immersive learning experiences that are scientifically proven to be superior to traditional learning methods. In Mazer spaces you can be as creative as you want with content presentations to keep your participants focused and involved.
    Please take a look at our Mazer for Education section for more information.

  • How does Mazer support the finance sector?

    Mazer enables breakthrough technology to be applied to financial services while maintaining the highest security standards for customer data.
    Please take a look at our Mazer for Finance section for more information.

  • Is using Mazer complicated for a company with no experience of XR?

    Mazer is a 360 solution which supports your business organization at every step: from the initial idea through to execution and scaling. We have a thorough understanding of the technology and its implementation, and provide a comprehensive service to ensure that our clients are successful.
    Click here to read about all the different aspects of Mazer 360.

  • What is the required internet bandwidth for a connection?

    The same as traditional video communicators.

  • Is it true that VR may cause motion sickness?

    The issue of motion sickness was mostly only present in early versions of VR headsets. These days, it only occurs as the result of a poorly designed VR environment and dynamics. We have over a decade of experience in VR and have designed all the interactions to be very intuitive and lifelike. This makes being in Mazer spaces trouble-free and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Is Mazer compliant with data privacy regulations?

    We are compliant with every major piece of legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Is Mazer’s application limited to the industries listed in the Products section?

    No. Mazer is fully customizable and can be used in any industry. Contact us and we will identify how Mazer can be used in your company.

  • What do I need to implement Mazer in my organization?

    That depends on the type of business your organization conducts. Mazer is a customizable solution which can be efficiently implemented in any business. Contact us for more information!

  • Is Mazer based on a license or is it a one-time purchase?

    We offer both models depending on the scenario and our clients’ needs. Please contact us for more details.

  • Is there any support during installation?

    Yes. Learn more about Mazer 360.