Virtual Reality Technology in Education

We use Mazer to supercharge the learning
process at all levels of education

Mazer spaces make learning easier by eliminating distractions and enabling full immersion for all students and teachers.
The shared virtual space allows for interaction and cooperation between participants even if they are miles away from each other. Mazer’s scalable functionality accommodates one-on-one sessions as well as events for even thousands of participants.
How the metaverse will change the world

How you can use XR as Educator & University Leader?
Find below examples of use cases for Health Sector Professionals.

Are you an educator or decision-maker in the academic sphere, passionate about leveraging innovative solutions to enrich learning experiences?

How to use XR solutions in Education?:

  • Immersive Learning Journeys: Transport students from the heart of the Amazon forest to the intricate world of cellular mechanisms, all within a VR environment. Broaden horizons without leaving the classroom.
  • Gamified Education: Make learning fun and engaging by incorporating interactive materials and gamification elements, ensuring better retention of knowledge.
  • Break Barriers with Virtual Labs: Conduct experiments and lessons that might be logistically challenging or impossible in the traditional classroom setting.
  • Enhanced Assimilation: The multi-sensory nature of VR ensures deeper understanding and longer retention of complex concepts, fostering genuine curiosity and exploration.

Elevate academic experiences with Mazer – where the boundaries of traditional education dissolve, unveiling infinite possibilities for the curious minds of tomorrow.


Learning in Mazer is both fun and effective thanks to fully customizable interactive virtual objects and environments

Classes run in Mazer are a great substitute for or supplement to traditional classes, allowing students and teachers to share the kind of interactive experiences only virtual reality can simulate, e.g., hovering the classroom over an erupting volcano or orbiting Jupiter during a science class or travelling back in time to a Stone Age village during a history lesson.
Not only is it a joyful experience, but it has been scientifically proven that knowledge shared during classes conducted in virtual reality is retained better, giving your students a competitive advantage over their peers.
Mazer’s flexibility makes it useful for both the academic and scientific communities as it opens new channels of communication between scientists, students, and universities.

We already cooperate with two Universities and implement educational projects for various industries.

Mazer is AI-powered

Our neural network technology allows student behavior to be measured based on, among other things, tracking their head, hand, and eye movements.
This gives professors real-time feedback on the engagement of each individual student as well as the entire class.
It’s multiple applications include mid-class content adjustment and the possibility to conduct fair and cheat-proof tests in virtual reality.
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