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Building Community in the Metaverse

  • 28 August 2023

In the constantly shifting world of technology, the metaverse is like a shiny new playground for brands to connect with their audiences in ways we’ve never seen before. As we set our sights on the next decade, think of “digital twinning” as the magic spell that lets brands exist not only in the metaverse but also in the real world. And here’s the coolest part – this metaverse magic isn’t just for the big players; it’s a wide-open playground where any brand, no matter how big or small, can be a superhero. Curious to learn more? Let’s dive into the topic of building community in the metaverse.

Learning from the trailblazers

The path to the metaverse is lined with trailblazing examples set by innovative brands. Take Warner Bros. Pictures, for instance. They orchestrated an incredible event on Roblox, inspired by their animated film “In the Heart of the Sea.” Participants got an exclusive virtual tour of the movie’s fictional world and took part in activities like virtual scavenger hunts and band practice sessions.

Then there’s Gucci, who teamed up with Roblox to create a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience called “Garden Archetypes.” Visitors got to interact with virtual mannequins, each person experiencing the space in their unique way.

Coca-Cola, always thinking ahead, partnered with Tafi to create a virtual wearable using nonfungible tokens. The result? The Coca-Cola Friendship Box, filled with digital collectibles and exclusive wearables, offering consumers an immersive experience.

And let’s not forget Nike, always at the forefront of innovation. They acquired RTFKT, a company specializing in digital collectibles that can be traded within video games and social platforms. It’s a glimpse into the exciting potential of a new kind of digital currency. These brands are leading the way into the metaverse, where possibilities are as limitless as our imagination.

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How to craft your metaverse presence?

Embarking on a journey into the metaverse demands a thoughtful strategy. Before taking the plunge, immerse yourself in this digital realm personally. Engage with avatars and explore what other brands are doing. You can learn more about brand building in the metaverse on our blog. As you navigate, keep these three crucial points in mind:

  • Recognize community trendsthe metaverse isn’t just a playground of technology; it’s a space where communities come together and interact. Understanding your community’s preferences and needs is essential. Much like engaging with gamers, focus on delivering content that truly resonates with your audience. Instead of quick, one-time activations, aim for more extended experiences that nurture loyalty and foster community engagement.
  • Equip your marketing team – success in the metaverse largely depends on a well-prepared marketing team. Similar to crafting a social media strategy, a targeted approach often yields better results than a scattered one. Collaborate with your team to create a tailored strategy that not only encourages engagement but also strikes a chord with your core audience. It’s not merely about instructing your team to enter the metaverse; it’s about guiding them towards success within it.
  • Identify opportunities – the metaverse isn’t limited to futuristic headsets and extravagant setups. It’s accessible through the very devices we carry with us every day. Identify where your core audience spends their digital time and align your metaverse presence accordingly. By doing so, you’ll create a space that’s not only engaging but also seamlessly integrated into your audience’s online journey.

The metaverse can have a great potential

The key to success? It’s essential to view the metaverse as another tool in your marketing toolbox. Just like social media or commercials, it’s a way to connect with a wider audience. Yet, a focused and strategic approach often delivers the best results. Your brand identity and relationships established in the physical world can smoothly transition to the metaverse. 

The secret lies in offering an interactive experience that goes beyond ordinary online interactions. Keep in mind that you don’t need to start from scratch; you just need to offer your audience what they’re looking for.

Metaverse for community building: the takeaway

The metaverse is no longer a mere sci-fi concept; it’s a tangible reality bursting with limitless possibilities for brands willing to genuinely connect with their audience and offer tailor-made solutions. As we gaze into the future, the concept of digital twinning emerges as an opportunity for brands to thrive simultaneously in the metaverse and the physical world.

Drawing inspiration from pioneering examples set by trailblazers like Gucci, Coca-Cola, and Nike, brands can now craft impactful experiences and cultivate communities that transcend boundaries, enriching both brands and the lives of customers in this digital age of limitless possibilities.

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How can brands connect with their audiences and create communities through the metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital realm where brands can engage with their audiences in innovative ways. Brands can utilize “digital twinning” to exist in both the metaverse and the real world, fostering connections with audiences on various platforms.

How does the metaverse fit into a brand’s overall marketing approach?

The metaverse is an additional tool for connecting with a wider audience. Brands can transition their identity from the physical world to the metaverse by offering interactive experiences that go beyond ordinary online interactions.

What benefits can brands gain from building a community in the metaverse?

By building community in metaverse, brands can forge deeper connections with their audience, offer tailor-made solutions, and thrive simultaneously in both the digital and physical realms.

Unlock the future with Mazer: Your innovation partner.

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