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The benefits of VR presentations in Mazer

  • 5 April 2022

As developments in technology become more and more sophisticated, we find all sorts of new ways to experience the world, both in our everyday lives and at work. Virtual reality is one such technological development which has provided ground-breaking changes across a spectrum of activities and industries. Below are some ways that Mazer is using this exciting technology to enhance presentations.

  1. A completely digital environment

Gone are the days of flat PowerPoint presentations or having to awkwardly share your screen on Zoom. Mazer’s VR application goes way beyond this, allowing you to display your presentation in a fully immersive virtual world, while any website controlled from within Mazer can be projected in the virtual space as well. The possibilities for customer and client engagement are endless, while corporate training will never be the same again.

  1. Provide a virtual experience to colleagues around the world

Virtual reality gives you the ability to easily conduct presentations for your team, no matter where in the world they might be, which is especially important nowadays when giving face-to-face presentations has become a great challenge. Moreover, your whole presentation can be recorded and replayed in the virtual space, meaning that those who cannot attend are free to get the full virtual experience at any time.

  1. Create an interactive space for all participants

With Mazer’s virtual whiteboard, the presenter can use a special pen or pencil to write on a digital canvas which is accessible to all participants. In fact, as long as you have a pen to do so, you can write over anything you want in the virtual space. Clients can feel more involved in product presentations and employees are far more engaged during training, helping to build a solid team atmosphere.

  1. Integration of existing tools

With Mazer’s proprietary technology, you can improve the appeal of an already great website by moving objects appearing on it into the 3D VR space in a fully interactive mode, again making the experience far more exciting and engaging than your everyday presentation.

  1. Reality mixed with the virtual world

Mixed reality is a very interesting concept which blurs the boundaries between the virtual and the physical. With MR, you can experience a computer-generated world blended seamlessly with the real environment. It uses spatial mapping technology to produce a 3D map of your surroundings, recreating every corner, edge, and surface, so that your applications can use your surroundings as the workspace. Using holoportation technology, you can also insert a real person into the virtual environment. This exciting innovation allows you to reconstruct and transmit a 3D model of the user into a virtual space anywhere in the world, creating an exciting hybrid of the real and the virtual world which opens all sorts of possibilities for creative training and an enhanced client experience.

  1. Easily updated software

With Mazer, frequent OTA updates allow new content and functionalities to be delivered to your headset with ease and efficiency. You don’t have to worry about taking the headset into a store or going through any complicated procedures yourself, simply sit back and wait for the update to arrive. Maybe you want to spice up your team building exercise by adding the functionality to have a dance party together in a VR space. In a matter of days, we can create and send the functionality directly to your headset and it’s ready to use.

  1. Tactile experiences

Modern VR technology has gone beyond merely stimulating our sight and hearing to involve our other senses as well. While you won’t be able to truly come into physical contact with the virtual world, there are wearables such as gloves and suits that can simulate touch by applying force feedback and vibrations in response to your actions. This can allow you to ‘feel’ the virtual world as you move objects around it, and even experience different textures! Imagine presenting a product which clients can ‘touch’ and physically interact with in the virtual space without you actually having to travel anywhere and without the possibility of breaking it. The timesaving and money-saving benefits alone are huge, not to mention the added client engagement you could achieve.

How does Mazer’s VR technology transform traditional presentations?

Mazer’s VR technology revolutionizes traditional presentation methods by providing a fully immersive virtual environment, far surpassing the capabilities of standard PowerPoint presentations or screen sharing via platforms like Zoom. This technology allows presenters to display their content within a dynamic 3D virtual world, making customer and client engagement more interactive and impactful. Corporate training and presentations can be conducted globally, with the added benefit of recording and replaying sessions for those unable to attend live, ensuring no one misses the full virtual experience.

What interactive features does Mazer offer to enhance participant engagement during presentations?

Mazer incorporates several interactive features to boost engagement and collaboration during virtual presentations. One key feature is the virtual whiteboard, where presenters can use a special pen or pencil to write on a digital canvas that is accessible to all participants, allowing for real-time interaction and collaboration. Additionally, Mazer’s proprietary technology can bring objects from websites into the 3D VR space in an interactive mode, further elevating the presentation experience beyond traditional methods.

How does mixed reality (MR) and tactile experiences contribute to Mazer’s VR presentations?

Mixed Reality (MR) blurs the lines between the physical and virtual worlds, using spatial mapping technology to create a 3D map of the presenter’s surroundings, thus enabling applications to utilize the real environment as a workspace. Holoportation technology further enhances this by inserting a real person into the virtual environment, offering a unique hybrid experience that can greatly enhance creative training and client experiences.

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Rafał Siejca

Rafal was a true early adopter of virtual reality and has a deep passion for the subject. He bought his first VR device more than two decades ago, was the first Oculus PL backer on Kickstarter, and has become one of the most prominent experts on VR and XR technologies in his home country of Poland. His personal interest has extended into his corporate life as well, where he worked as an IT Manager for PZU Group and an Expert at Bank Millennium before moving into the world of corporate VR, where he has amassed a decade of hands-on experience designing VR solutions. He is also a true metaverse fanatic who has put his heart and soul into building Mazer Space with the help of his talented team of developers, achieving magnificent results. As CEO and CTO, he ensures that each project is delivered on time to the highest possible standard.

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